martes, 22 de enero de 2013

How will you ever learn to be good if I keep loving you?

Now, I could tell you that I like to get strung out on boys, but that would be me hiding. The truth is, I get strung out on boys, I don’t know if I like it or not, but I’m old enough now to accept it, go with it, and wait for it to pass. I am INCREDIBLY busy, so I have plenty excuses not to think about you. Also, I am acutely aware of timing and convenience, and I have a memory like an elephant. So, for example, I know you are planning to go to SXSW this week and it’s probably not a good time to call. Also, with my newly acquired psychic vision, I know that fucking me has basically turned you to a sexualized state, such that you will probably go about picking up girls left and right. I’m tempted to call you up just to find out if I’m right about that one. If I were more on top of things, that’s probably what I would be doing instead, because I’m 24 and I’ve only slept with 4 boys, I’m at home, writing love letters to you. What a loser! On the other hand, when my brain reaches out, it still finds you, which means that you haven’t 100% forgotten me. Oh when am I gonna get old enough to be pulled together? Can you see me, lying across my bed on my stomach, listening to the most ridiculous music? Did you think this might happen, fucking some little girl, that she might loose her shit all over you? Doesn’t actually matter, that last sentence was overly dramatic. I’d just like to see what might happen, 


Love, Asia.