lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

It tastes of me

I am 24 years old, I am smart and I am stupid,
I love masculine men but with a tender gaze, yes, I can’t help it,
I love to tease people with strange conversational topics,
I find it very sexy of women to put a bit of red lipstick when they are in a public transport,
I hate you to know me,
I hate the way people critizise you when you’re not around,
I hate critizising people when they’re not around,
I sometimes desperately need someone to hug,
Sometimes I desperately cling to my pillow,
I cry with no reason,
I don’t ever cry in front of you, but I secretly cry for you,
In the bottom of my heart I am careless about everything that has nothing to do with me,
I really care about today’s problems
I don’t really care for newspapers and television,
I watch television,
I am contradictory, I have fun with things I shouldn’t love, I love things I wouldn’t normally do,
I am very active, I procrastinate only with two things,
I love my mother and my sister, even if they are opposite to my character,
I believe myself superior to many people, I know I am not,
I like it when I look myself in the mirror and smile, I like my tan body marks, I love myself,
I don’t ask anything if I truly give, I ask everything if I am not really sure,
I am VERY impatient, I cannot even wait for my meal to heat up in the microwaves and make that “CLING” sound,
I hate my impatience, my lack of perseverance, my thighs and stupid self-help books, among many other things,
I don’t really hate anyone, I couldn’t hurt anyone on purpose, only maybe myself,
I am peaceful and democratic, demagogic and I repeat to myself “I only know that I do not know nothing”,
This is me, a bit distorted by words, which are always in the verge of lie: simple, complicated, unknown and enthusiastic me.

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